In SA we travel roads that are subject to heavy traffic and little maintenance. Travelling on pot-hole-filled roads can take a toll on the suspension of your car and that is a safety risk not only for you but also for each and every passenger travelling with you.

Let’s first have a look at the purpose of the car’s suspension.  It keeps the upper body of the car attached to the wheels. Good suspension ensures proper connection of all 4 wheels with the road at all times. While travelling you might hit lower surface points at times and good suspension ensures good connectivity. Bad connectivity can influence the ease with which you steer your car and that may influence how well your car stays on the road – especially on poor road surfaces, in bad weather and when travelling at high speed.

These are the types of suspension:

  • Independent Front / Rear Suspension – the front / rear wheels can move independently to the other set of wheels. MacPherson Struts – consists of coil springs positioned over shock-absorbing struts.
  • Leaf-spring suspension is a lot more basic that others suspension systems using a system of curved metal strips that are joined with clamps.
  • Air Suspension – makes use of air springs that are controlled via air compressors. The system is controlled by the vehicle’s computer.
  • Multi-link suspension – preferred by many, this system comprises of three or more lateral arms permitting the wheels a better range of motion.
  • Magne-Ride suspension – a fairly new tally to the suspension types, this uses magnetically controlled dampers or shock absorbers. The complete system is controlled via an on-board computer.

Suspension systems are built to endure quite a lot of pressure and I generally hard working. But it is still advised that you should have it checked out regularly specially to detect any kind of damage or risk. SO to answer the question about how low you can go with suspension maintenance? Keep it maintained and have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals to ensure good suspension.

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