Our cars play such an important role in our lives. The success of our day to day activities depends largely on the “drive-ability” of our cars. So when you turn the key in the ignition and the vehicle won’t start you may immediately panic especially if you have a lot to do.

Below is a list of the 6 most common reasons why a vehicle will not start:

  1. You are out of fuel yes, this is a very common reason why cars won’t start. If you forget to refill the fuel tank you may be out of fuel when you next start up your vehicle. Especially in warmer weather when fuel may vanish into “thin air”.
  2. The battery is flat or dead it may happen that you forgot vehicle lights on and the next time you want to fire up the engine, nothing happens. A flat battery can get to life again with a nice down hill push but when the battery is dead, you will have to replace it to get the engine to start again.
  3. Electrical fault if your car has an electrical fault, it may prevent your vehicle from starting. This can only be determined with a diagnostics test.
  4. Faulty fuel pump a faulty fuel pump will result in the fuel not reaching the engine and that would prevent the car from starting.
  5. Faulty spark plug no spark from the spark plug may result in a no-go. Most of the time only 1 spark plug performs poor or not at all, leaving the other to under perform and that may result in a slower crank or no crank at all.
  6. Faulty starter – If you hear a clicking noise when you turn the key, it could be due to starter solenoid engaging and disengaging quickly. This is certainly something that needs to be tended to by a mechanic.

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