Do you have any idea what can grow inside your vehicles air-con? Deep inside the air-con system you will find very warm and moist conditions that are just perfect for bacterial growth. The bacteria has many sources and is more gross that what you can imagine.

Like with all other filters in your car, you need to have the air-con filters checked regularly. You don’t want dirty fuel filters to negatively impact the quality of fuel pumping through the engine of your car so why would you allow yourself and your passengers to inhale bacteria-filled air while in the car?

There are various ways to disinfect the air-con systems but the most efficient ways are done by professionals like us.

We can check and clean your air-con system to good as new and the best time to do it is NOW. Yes, while it is still a bit cooler you should have your air-con filters cleaned and replaced if necessary.

Our air-con treatment is an effective way to neutralize unpleasant odors as well as to combat mould and fungi that grows deep inside the system.

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