Some say that a car battery should be replaced every two and half years but in some cases it may last longer. In general nobody wants to replace something before it show signs that it should be so here are a few tips for getting suspicious of your battery’s ability to keep on going… and going… and going….


A Sluggish Engine Crank may be the result of a dying battery as it takes a lot of power to get your car started, and all that power is provided exclusively by the battery. Once the car is started, the alternator keeps the car battery going by replacing the power used to start the engine and run your vehicle’s electronic accessories. Should it have an unhurried crank, it may be on its death bed. Have the battery tested at once and replaced if needed.
Problems with electrical mechanisms like power windows, power seats, radio, windshield wipersdashboard lightsheadlights and more may indicate a dying battery. All of these run on battery life and should it not be working, it may be because of the battery.


Flashing Dashboard Warning Light is a very reliable way of monitoring your battery and communicating its working status. It will illuminate if the battery is not being replenished properly or if there is an internal problem with the battery. Like the Check Engine light, the battery warning light might also signal that something is wrong with the alternator or part of the electrical system. Have your vehicle’s electrical system inspected as soon as the light comes on.

A Swollen Battery Case is a tell-tale sign that all is not well with your battery. A car battery is basically a chemical reaction contained in a box. As with any chemical reaction, sometimes things can go wrong. When a car battery experiences excessive amounts of heat or cold, the flat sides of the battery case may swell or bulge. If for example the battery sits in a vehicle that is not driven for some time in the winter, the battery will discharge and may freeze. Freezing and swelling from excess heat often result in an electrically “dead” battery that cannot be recovered and will require replacement.


Old Age sets in at different times for different batteries. Some say a battery may last only 2 and half years and others predict a battery may live for up to five years. It really depends on the brand. Better stick to a better brand and have it tested regularly.

A Weird Rotten Egg Smell under the hood?  This could well indicate faulty alternator charging rate. What the alternator over charges the battery a rotten smell will alert you and trouble might be well on its way. Have it inspected immediately as the acid from the battery may be leaking and this is very, very bad for the rest of the engine components. The sulfuric acid can eat away at other engine parts, causing corrosion, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.


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