ACD Automotive Services should be your first stop for all of your clutch repairs and replacement needs. Should you experience any problems with your vehicles clutch don’t hesitate to bring it in. They will be able to assist you, with quick diagnoses of the faulty clutch before commencing any work.

ACD Automotive Services believe in customer satisfaction. They have been doing it for over 18 years. That is why you can rest assured of affordable, competitive and reliable technical knowledge on fitting of clutch kits, clutch plates and doing clutch repairs.​

Faulty Clutch


You can tell if your clutch is faulty by experiencing the following:

  • When there is a burning smell
  • When you have trouble or difficulty shifting into a gear
  • Abnormal noise and pedal vibration
  • When your clutch PEDAL is VERY soft OR LYING ON THE FLOOR BOARD
  • The engine speed increase but the vehicle doesn’t accelerate
  • When there is visible damage on inspection


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