When it comes to vehicle problems there are smaller ones like cracked radiator hoses, blown fuses or worn brakes that are fixed easily and inexpensively and then there are the bigger ones that may leave you without a car for several days as well as a huge bill for cost of repairs. Many times these major breakdowns require an extensive engine overhaul or even a new engine. These can include blown head gaskets, worn piston rings or a cracked engine block. It may leave you without a car for weeks on end.

Are you feeling the inconvenience of this situation just by reading this?

A cracked engine block is such a big deal because it is made of cast iron that has different properties than most carbon steels that make it impossible to weld.  The extreme heat that it takes to weld most metals is enough to cause problems with cast iron and cause the surrounding area to be surprisingly brittle and weak after the weld.

How does the engine block crack?

Excessive heat – too much heat will cause enough expansion and contraction on mating surfaces and bolted joints to cause the faces to start cracking.  I

Excessive cold conditions caused by the wrong mix of antifreeze and water, or you simply live in a very cold area, extremely low temperatures in the winter can cause the coolant in your engine to begin to freeze.  Since water expands when it freezes it can push the walls of your engine block out enough to cause them to crack.

What are the indicators that suggest a cracked block?

  • External coolant leaking

Signs of coolant splatter

  • Coolant leaking in the engine oil which may lead to rust

Milky coloured oil that is in fact very bad for lubrication.

Your vehicle will have white exhaust smoke which could be a very good sign that all is not well under the hood.

Call our workshop today if you suspect a cracked block. We have ways to repair this without having to give a complete engine overhaul.

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