Don’t Stall on your Car Care

When you stall on your car, it simply means that you are postponing on taking your car for maintenance or for mechanical service. For instance, your car might be overdue for an oil change but you don’t do it but postpone every now and then. Another example is when a break inspection is due.  Whatever the service, by postponing necessary maintenance, you may be causing extensive damage to your vehicle and increasing the chance of a breakdown.

There are so many potential damages that you cause your car when you stall on its care. Recent studies have shown that most car owners often postpone their schedule car maintenance check or service in order to save on the cost. Similarly, another study reports that car breakdowns that usually happen on our roads are usually due to the ignorance of drivers or car owners on regular car maintenance or service. If you want to avoid any unnecessary car breakdown and damage, and you want your car to be in good condition at all times, you should never overlook the importance of taking your car to regular maintenance.

Close-up Photo of Vehicle Engine

Follow the recommended car maintenance intervals

Every car manufacturing company determines the approximate time interval for car maintenance or service based on a series of rigorous tests where mechanics or engineers professionally trace the maximum tolerance of cars. You should never go beyond the defined breaking point as doing so could cause a major failure that can be very costly to fix.

How we can help

Of course, a professional car repair company or a car service station would really help with regular car maintenance or service. Regular car service is very important as it detects problems early enough, fix them and keep the vehicle working at its best performance at all times. Detecting problems early enough will protect your vehicle from any possible major breakdown. Besides, keeping the vehicle at its best performance helps save fuel and ensures that you enjoy comfortable drive at all times.

There are several components or parts that require regular attentions. They include filters, break systems, battery, fluids, wires and spark plugs, tyres and wheels, and lights and indicators.


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