A vehicle’s electrical system consists of the battery, starter and alternator. The battery provides energy to the starter while the alternator gives that battery the energy it needs to power the vehicle. Should one of these parts not work properly, the car won’t start or run properly.

The battery is provides the car’s entire electrical current (until the engine starts). This includes the current to the ignition and fuel systems, which are responsible for creating the combustion necessary for your engine to function. Upon receiving this signal, the car battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. This electrical power is delivered to the starter to crank the engine. The battery also provides power to the car’s lights and other accessories.

Signs that the battery might have to be replaced include:

  • Slow Engine Crank
  • Issues with electrical components
  • Dashboard Warning Light
  • Swollen Battery Case
  • Old Age
  • Weird Smell

While the battery is the power resource to start your vehicle, the starter is essentially what gets the engine working. The battery generates a small amount of power to the starter motor. The starter then rotates the flywheel, which turns the crankshaft and begins the movement of the engine’s pistons. This intricate process is why it’s key to make sure the starter works.

It’s difficult to determine when a starter will fail exactly, but an electrical system check can help recognize the warning signs. If an excessive current is drawn, it may indicate a worn starter, while a low current draw may points to corroded cables or connections.

When your engine is running, the alternator keeps the battery charged and the electrical system working. The car can start with a defective alternator, but it won’t be able to run for a lengthy period of time.

Should the alternator needs replacement, your vehicle’s electrical system may perform unsteadily, its battery may discharge and causes the engine to lose power.

We can perform an electrical system check to confirm everything is working correctly. Call our workshop today to book your vehicle for diagnostics, minor or major service.

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