How Long Should You Warm Up Car Before Driving?

Is it wise to let your car idle before driving off on a cold morning?

Is it at all necessary to let the engine run for a while to warm up before taking off especially in the colder winter months?

Can running a cold engine damage the mechanicals of the engine?

So many questions and just as many opinions…

Some people believe that it’s vital to warm up their vehicles before driving off. A number of people have actually been doing this for a very long time. They feel that by doing it will warm up their vehicle engine and make the vehicle run smooth and efficiently. But, is this statement true?

Let’s just get to the point and set the record straight; while it is may not be necessary to let the engine run for a prolonged time before driving off, it may benefit the longevity of the mechanical parts.

With the progressions in the automobile technology, modern cars don’t need this practice as much as the older models do. These cars come with coolant temperature sensors, air pressure sensors, air temperature sensors, and many more inputs. All of these elements and the on-board computer deliver immediate results and thus no need for a 5 minute engine run, maybe for a 30 – 60 second warm up.

So, it largely depends on the model, age, and make of your car whether it requires warming up or not.

There are a few other reasons why you would want to run the engine for a while;

  1. to defrost the windows on a cold morning or
  2. to get the air-conditioning warmed up to a nice comfortable temperature before driving off into the cold.

Call us NOW to service your air-conditioning to ensure longevity of the system and to make sure all other elements are in place to regulate the vehicle engine temperature.


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