It is the time of the year when we get all too frustrated with condensation inside the car. That early morning drive to school or work can become very annoying when you suddenly sit with fogged-up windows and you can’t see a thing. Poor visibility can lead to accidents and the fiddling with a cloth trying to wipe the windows while driving can cause an accident too.

Prevent steam, fog or condensation on car windows with these household items.

Why does it happen?

As soon as warm humid air gets in contact with cold surfaces, it becomes condensed and stick to the cold surface. When the weather is cold, the warm breath of the driver and passengers meets the cold windshield and windows and gets condensed.

What to do?

Turn the defrost button ON

It’s the easiest way to keep the vehicle moisture-free. It will switch on both the heat and the AC systems. The AC will clear up moisture from the air and the heating system will keep the interior comfortably warm.

This is a good use for the air-con that is not in regular use throughout the colder winter months. It is advised to switch the air-con on for a couple of minutes each day even in winter to keep it working.

Turn off the re-circulation valve

Many people do not really know how and why to use this function. If there is damp air in hour vehicle, it is best not to recycle the air but rather allow dry air from outside to blow through the vents.

Use shaving cream on the inside of the windows

Using shaving cream on the inside of the windows will leave your vehicle with a protective layer where fog will not build up on. A little goes a long way so use only a dab.

Keep the windows closed on wet days

The rainy days are the worst for creating condensation inside car. Don’t leave the windows or the sunroof open on these days. It will let moisture in and make all the surfaces foggy.

Don’t keep wet items in the car

Leaving damp or wet items such as towels, shoes, clothes, carpet and other things inside can lead to condensation. As you already know the cause of foggy glass surfaces, you should remove every source of moisture to keep the glasses clear.

Smear potato on the inside of the windows

Another weird trick to use in the instance is to cut a potato in half and smear the juice / extract on the windows. Buff and leave… This will prevent fog build-up too.

Apply toothpaste to the glass

Apply and gently buff of the toothpaste. This is a minty fresh solution for steamed-up windows.

A professional product named C-Thru can also be purchased and applied to the inside of the vehicle windows.

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