The moment when you turn the key in the ignition and there is absolutely nothing but a clicking sound is dreaded by most of us. Having car trouble is not only annoying but also time consuming.

Are we not faced with these challenges mostly when we have no time for it?

Also, it is kind of embarrassing when your beloved car lets you down. Nobody wants to sit next to the road with a car that is going nowhere.

It is easy to get your car fired-up by using jumper cables or with the assistance of a trained mechanic. But, what if you’re in the middle of nowhere? Hopefully, you won’t have to leave the vehicle on the side of the road and start walking for kilometres at end before getting someone to come and help.

It may be wise to let yourself in on this tip on how to get your vehicle running again without the help of jumper cables.

 The Reverse Push Method

This is one of the most common and preferred methods for getting the car fired-up again.

  • Get the car in reverse gear, foot off brake, hand brake down.
  • Push the car backwards to gain momentum.
  • As soon as the vehicle is up and running depress the clutch and then turn the key in the ignition to turn it on. Release the clutch at the same time.
  • Try again if the first attempt was unsuccessful. This method will surely start your car!
  • It helps if the road is at a slight angle to get the car in motion, if not… well good luck with the push…

The Pull Method

  • This option is my favourite, as it is clear that the presence of another car makes the situation a lot more desirable knowing that you are not completely alone in the situation.
  • Attach a rope to the back of another vehicle and to the front of your vehicle.
  • Start the pulling vehicle.
  • Same steps as before; get the car (being pulled) in gear, foot off brake, hand brake down.
  • Start pulling the vehicle to gain momentum.
  • As soon as the vehicle is up and running depress the clutch and then turn the key in the ignition to turn it on. Quickly release the clutch. Repeat the process until the engine is running.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your foot stays OFF the accelerator as the vehicle may jerk forward once fired-up and collide with the pulling vehicle.
  • As soon as the engine is running, pull the hand brake up, take out of gear into natural and work up the revs for a while to make sure the engine is running smooth.

At this point you should get to a service centre as soon as possible to have the battery checked out and replaced it the problem originate from there. It may also be an electrical problem causing the battery not to charge enough. Only an experienced technician will be able to tell the difference here.

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