Twenty years ago we called the “mechanic” to report motor problems after which the possibility existed that the entire engine would have to be pulled apart to find faulty parts. It took hours of listening, testing, turning and more to get to the bottom of the problem never mind the time invested in actual repairs.

But in the wake of universal techno-advance, modern vehicles now have on-board computers and electronics controlling almost all aspects of the motor. This makes diagnostics much more effective and time efficient.

Vehicles can now be connected to a special diagnostics equipment which can point out any problems in an instant. This includes problems associated with:

  • transmission
  • oil tank
  • gas tank
  • exhaust system
  • ignition timing issues
  • level of build-up in the combustion engine
  • fuel injector performance
  • whether the ignition coils are firing
  • engine rpm levels
  • air and coolant temperature
  • crankshaft and camshaft position
  • throttle opening

The cost of diagnostics depends on the type of device used as well as the make and model of the vehicle.

On-board diagnostics makes it much easier for vehicle owners to pick up on early warnings when things go wrong. This adds to the longevity of the parts and the vehicle.

ACD Automotive Services have all the necessary tools to check in an instant what problems your vehicle may have.

Call our work shop today to book a diagnostic session to determine the health of your vehicle.

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Electronic diagnostics

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