More often than not we sit with car problems that is unexplained. It is not always an easy task to find the faults never mind finding the origin of the problem. Modern cars  have a much more complex electrical system than the older ones making it more complex to find and treat the problem correctly.

That is precisely why we are here – because we understand electrical systems.

There are many causes for electrical problems including the following:

  • Loose electrical connection.
  • Blown fuse.
  • A part of the system that is constantly drawing power and leaving the battery drained.

Electrical problems can cause the following to happen:

  • Your lights may appear dimmer than usual
  • Your car radio might not work
  • Burning plastic smell may hang around
  • Your car may not want to start after the first crank

We often think that the battery is the only cause and the only find to find out, is to have it tested. Should it be ok, it could be the alternator that is faulty.

Now, don’t be caught next to the road with a dead battery. Once you start noticing issues, bring your car in and we will run a quick test to see what is wrong.

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