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We all know that feeling – putting off a routine visit to the doctor and getting there just to find out that a small ailment turned into something really big and the most painful thing to deal with is the knowledge that it could have been prevented, or at least fixed for MUCH less if it was done a long time ago.

This is true not only for your health but also for the longevity of your vehicle. Paying a regular visit to an auto service workshop can actually save you loads on the long run – and we are talking not only about money here but also precious time.

Minor services does not cost much money – contrary to popular believe – and should be done at least every year and definitely before long trips.

Your car should get a full safety inspection, to pick up anything that needs replacing or fixing, either now or in the near future.

  1. The Battery. The battery should be tested is tested to make sure that it holds its charge and is unlikely to need replacing before your next service.
  2. The Gear Box oil, transfer case and diff oil. These should be checked routinely.
  3. The Wiper Blades. These are very important for the safety of yourare inspected to make sure that they don’t need to be replaced.
  4. The Oil and Oil Filter. The oil in your car keeps most everything running smoothly and the right level of oil is very important then. Oil should be drained and replaced regularly as well as the oil filter.
  5. The Brakes. Don’t wait until you can hear the brakes complain. Have it checked before to avoid not only life threatening accidents but also expensive parts replacements.
  6. Wheel Alignment. Poor wheel alignment can cause havoc on your tires as well as the way your vehicle handles on the road causing avoidable accidents.
  7. (All) the LIGHTS on your vehicle. Each and every light on your vehicle is there for an important reason. Have it checked regularly to make sure you enjoy save driving at all times.
  8. Transmission Fluid. You DO NOT want to experience FAILED TRANSMISSION while driving and the only way to stay in control of your vehicle is to keep transmission fluid at a good level and to change it periodically.
  9. Power Steering Fluid. Good levels of power steering fluid makes it easier to control your car so keep it in tact at all times.
  10. Air, Fuel, Pollen Filters. The price of fuel goes up and down but it is mostly getting more expensive every year. Knowing that dirty air filters can cost you a lot on fuel-efficiency will make you think twice in that regard. Save money of fuel by keeping your filters clean.

A drive test should be performed to make sure that nothing has been missed that could endanger you, your family or anyone else on the road.

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