Mis-fuelling happens so often that it is not seen as an uncommon mistake any more. It happens twice as often to men rather than to women… wonder why that would be?!?!

Now let’s have a look at the difference between a diesel and a petrol engine.

In a petrol engine the power is produced by the spark plug igniting a compressed mixture of petrol and air. Diesel has a much higher flash point than petrol meaning it is much harder to ignite. This means that with diesel in a petrol engine, it will possibly not even go at all.

Diesel in a Petrol car:

Die diesel nozzle is much wider than the petrol nozzle but even a slight struggle to get the wrong nozzle down the tank’s throat, does not stop the thousands of people who annually makes this mistake.

As soon as the diesel passes through the petrol engine, the car will start to judder and hick-up and that is the point when the driver of the car, realizes that something serious is wrong.

Petrol in a diesel car:

The petrol nozzle is nice and slim and easily fits into the opening of the diesel tank making it an east mistake to overlook. The problem with petrol is that it does not have the lubricating effect of diesel causing great damage to the fuel pump.

Modern diesel engines are much more likely to have grander damage as the pumps are running at higher pressure and tighter tolerances.

As soon as the petrol enters the diesel system black smoke might start coming from the exhaust, strange noises might occur and eventually the engine will come to a complete halt.


Now, the damage will be greater if the wrong fuel passed through the system and ideally, the tank should be professionally emptied before filling it up again.

Modern cars might need a whole new fuel system including a tank, lines pump and injectors while the older models might be a bit hardier.

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