The problem with a roadside emergency is that you often don’t see it coming. Make sure you are prepared for any type of emergency with a well thought through kit on-board.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • First Aid kit with basic supplies

Always make sure you have a first aid kit on-board as this can save lives when you least expect it to. A first Aid kit for a car is a very handy gift for a person who just got his / her first car.

  • Jack

When was the last time you had to change a wheel? Do you know how to change a wheel? Do you know how to use a jack? Do you have a spare wheel on-board? Do you know if the spare wheel is actually inflated and in working order? It might be a good time to check all this out! Also, if you drive a pre-owned vehicle, do make sure that the jack and spanner is that of the vehicle.

  • Tow rope

Having a tow rope on-board your vehicle can make your emergency a bit better if another vehicle is able to tow you safely away from the dangers of being along a road to a filling station where you can sort out the problem.

  • Reflective triangle for visibility

For the sake of other road users as well as your own and your passengers’, it is advised to put a reflective triangle out on the road to warm oncoming traffic of what is ahead.

  • Reflective jacket to wear while on the side of the road

Always assist the situation first and determine how safe it actually is to be outside of your vehicle when you are along the road. If the road is very busy, rather stay in the car until help is underway. Also make sure that you are visible by wearing a reflective jacket. Yes, it is not very sexy but it can save your life!

  • Fire extinguisher

Even just a small fire extinguisher can work wonders in an event of on-board fire. Make sure you have it serviced every 6 months to ensure it works properly. There is nothing worse than having unfit equipment to during an emergency

  • Jumper cables

Make sure you have a set of jumper cables on-board to help a friend stuck with a flat battery.


In general it is a good idea to grab a bottle of water before going on any distance trip. Make sure you have a blanket in the vehicle when it is winter time to keep passengers warm. Also, if you regularly travel with a person prone to allergies, make sure you have allergy medication handy. The same goes for medication against motion sickness.


Never use alcohol while waiting on the side of a road for assistance as this can impair your judgement and place you and your passenger’s lives in danger. It is also a myth that alcohol can keep you warm in cold conditions.




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