Communication is very important especially when it comes to the instance when you take your vehicle for a service.
We know that you are busy and always in a hurry and your car plays such an important role in your life – you cannot go without it and leaving it for only a few hours to a day for a service, is nothing less than an inconvenience.
So make sure you are prepared before you take your vehicle in.
Take a pen and paper, get in behind the steering wheel and think of all the things that bothers you.
  • Are the brakes scratching and complaining? [You might need new brakes[
  • Is there a black cloud behind you when you accelerate at the traffic light? [Your filters might need to be replaced.]
  • Do you have to turn the key in the ignition more than once before the engine fires up? [This could be either the battery slowing down or an electrical problem.]
  • Is your fuel efficiency lower than usual? [There are more than one serious reasons for higher fuel usage.]
  • Does the air-con smell all muf and musky? [Your air-con filter could be dirty and hosting a breeding ground for bad bacteria inhaled by you and your passengers.]
An indication of what you find concerning will be appreciated by the technician and he will certainly look at your vehicle in a different light. It is important to be aware of how your car handles and performs. Knowing these things can save you loads in the long run. 
Proper communication can make all the difference in the world. Try it next time you take your vehicle for a service.
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