At some point or another we all get stuck behind a vehicle with smelly thick black exhaust smoke. Judging by the smell only it is a clear sign that all is not well with the vehicle. Something is burning that is not supposed to – and yes you guessed it – it almost certainly is burning fuel.

Black exhaust smoke indicates that the engine might be over fueling and is using too much fuel. There are a few indicators here but the first to check is the air-filter that might be clogged, followed by intake components like sensors, fuel injectors and the fuel-pressure regulator and spark plugs. Black smoke could also indicate an obstructed return fuel line which will also re strict vehicle performance. On a Diesel engine it can be a result of faulty injectors or incorrect timing.

So how does it happen?

A clogged air filter is a clear sign that the filter is dirty and can simply be changed. Other components might need to be replaced too. It all comes down to wear and tear…

Fixing black smoke issues are pretty straight forward but it is still advised that you get your vehicle checked out by a professional instead of attempting to do it yourself. Other problems might become an issue too and with proper diagnostics it may be fixed while still only minor.

The other important issue to consider is that black smoke indicated access fuel burning which means that you are probable using more fuel than what you should. You could save loads on your fuel bill by having the problems checked out sooner than later.

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