White exhaust smoke… Black exhaust smoke… Grey Exhaust smoke…

Blue exhaust smoke… each telling a different tale, a tale that should be taken seriously as any coloured exhaust smoke may point to problems relating to your vehicle’s engine.

Blue exhaust smoke is caused by burning oil or an oil leak into the combustion chamber. Getting up close and personal with the colour of your vehicle’s smoke can give you an indication of the type of work that needs to be done on your engine.

Blue smoke may indicate faulty piston rings that allows oil to transfer from lubricating engine parts. A turbocharged car will also send out blue smoke whenever the blower has to be replaced.

The truth about blue smoke causes is that it may be caused by hot leaks and in an attempt to fix it yourself, you may end up getting burned.

Rather get your vehicle checked out by our professional service team where we know how to work on parts.

Call our workshop today to book your vehicle for a complete diagnostics, minor or major service or even engine repairs. You will be pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism maintained throughout the entire process.

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