Exhaust emissions are normal but not all kinds are good. Thin white smoke on a cold morning may be nothing more or less than condensation and will disappear as soon as the engine has warmed up. As soon as the smoke is thicker and clearly visible even after the engine warmed up you should be alarmed and have your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. One might think that darker smoke should be taken more serious than light white coloured smoke but in reality it is not.

So what are the causes of white smoke?

First thought is that the engine might be burning coolant and common sense will tell you that if coolant is burned and used up the engine will overheat and cause real (expensive) problems. Secondly white smoke may be an indicator of a cracked engine block, a blown head gasket or damaged cylinder head. All of these are really expensive repairs to undertake and if left undone, it can lead to a complete engine break down – or seize. White smoke can also be a result of a leaking brake master cylinder causing brake fluid to leak into the intake system of the car. So do take note of white smoke and act fast!

If you notice a large amount of white smoke coming from either the exhaust or the engine area you should stop your vehicle immediately and call roadside assistance to tow your vehicle to the nearest vehicle service workshop.

To avoid serious problems like this it is advisable to have your vehicle serviced regularly. Our experienced team may be able to pick-up on flaws that can easily be rectified before becoming really expensive.

Book your vehicle for diagnostics, minor or major service and engine repairs TODAY – you might just thank yourself for acting pro-active…

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