What are the most important aspect we look at when we are searching for the perfect pre-owned car? You would probably say that price comes before all else. We all look for the best priced vehicle available. What is the best price? And how is the value of a car determined?

For all good reasoning, we can say that the best pre-owned car to buy would be the one with Full Service History. Did you know that the value added with Full Service History can be as much as 20%? Now that is value.

Let’s look at all this in detail:

A car that has Full Service History, whether it be with the original dealership or with an AA Quality Assured accredited service centre like Silverton ACD Auto Care and Diagnostics, it will point to the fact that the car was well maintained throughout its lifetime.

Even if the car had major repairs done like a turbo that was replaced or a crank shaft fixed, the new prospective owner would be able to track the history and decide, based on facts, if the buy is worth it. This would give an indication of the kind of maintenance that the car would probably need in future.

A full service history is a valuable commodity, and if possible should always be kept up to date. Silverton ACD Auto Care and Diagnostics offer affordable services. You can bring any quote for us to compare and for you to see how you can save by having your car services with us.

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