Baby it is hot outside! But why is my air-con not working?

In South Africa we are fortunate enough to enjoy year round warm weather but the heat can become unbearable in the summer seasons. Driving around in a hot car with no air-conditioning can be uncomfortable to say the least. Not to mention the dangers of driving with your windows down. It is just not an option being strapped in (safely) by a safety belt but risking you and your passenger’s safety while trying to catch a breeze with open windows. The ever so persistent robot-vendors poses a huge risk as they will just not leave the side of your car and even harass you while your inevitably have to stop by a red light. Hundreds of daily incidents of pedestrians grabbing cell phones, purses and handbags from moving vehicles with open windows, are reported to police station across South Africa. Is the trauma of getting robbed like this really worth the “breeze”? Worst case scenario is being high jacked while driving with an open window.

So don’t sweat the danger and just book your vehicle for an air-conditioning fix-and-fill at ACD Automotive Services.

Having the air-conditioning checked is not part of a routine service and while an air-con is property cooling your vehicle there should be no need to worry about a check-up more than once per year.

There are however, signs that you should have the system checked out and as always, it is recommended to have it done while the problem is still small and inexpensive to fix rather than waiting for it to become a really expensive trip to the air-con-shop. We recommend a service every 12 months. Also make a point of it to use the air-con at least once a week during the colder months to prevent seals from hardening which may lead to leaks.

Common air-con problem may include any of the following:

  • Weak air flow. This may indicate accumulated mould or mildew in the evaporator core. Another possibility is a loose blower hose, broke ventilation fan or broken seals. A blocked cabin filter may also lead to weak air flow.
  • Air is cool but not cold enough to cool the vehicle’s inside down as desired. This could be caused by a leaking component, a blocked tube, failed compressor, vacuum leaks.
  • The air-con smell musky and miff. This might be the cause of a dirty / old cabin filter or even a mouldy evaporator case.
  • The car feels damp. There could be debris and dirt trapped inside the air-conditioning system blocking proper airflow.

The only solution to these problems: perform regular service on air conditioning system components including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and electrical controls.

Book your vehicle now for an air-con fill &/or repair.

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The difference in air flow is in the cleanliness of the cabin filter

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