Brakes are very important and should be looked after. There comes a time when brakes need to be replaced and that can be an expensive trip to the car service center. However, it need not be as there are alternatives available.

One of the better substitutes remain disk skimming. But what is disk skimming, when should it be done and who can do it?



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the removal of a substance from the surface


Disk skimming is the action where a thin layer of a substance is removed from the brake disks by means of skimming machinery. It can be described as cleaning or polishing of the surface leaving the brake disks like new. Disk skimming is a precision technique that is used to resurface damaged brake disks.

Disk skimming is recommended when the brake shoes are replaced but the disks can still go. Skimming can lead to better performance – leaving you safer in your vehicle.

Skimming can be done more than once while the thickness of the disks is up to standard according to the manufacturer.

Skimming can remove rust and other debris like salt as well as abnormalities like cracks that may cause poor brake performance.

The advantages of brake disk skimming are that it improves the condition of old disks to perform better. It basically restores the disks to factory standard allowing proper braking. It also extends the lifespan of your brake pads. Another great advantage is that it can save you loads of money over the long run as you would not have to replace the disks as often.

What are the signs that your brakes might need skimming? Obvious e signs of wear and tear in cludes:

  • delayed braking times
  • vibrating steering wheel
  • the smell of burning rubber

ACD Automotive Services have all the equipment to perform disk skimming. It is a service that generally takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. It is a cost effective alternative to brake disc replacement. Do it today.

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