Times are tough yes we know, and we all want to save a pretty penny by postponing certain really important things like regular minor services. But it may not be worth the extra time…

The reality here is that the minor services are really inexpensive and when done timely, it may also keep an handle on the cost of the major services. Minor services are important not only because of the necessary checks but also because important safety features are checked.

When you decide to skip a minor service to save money, it may cost you twice as much when the major service comes around.

So what is included in the minor service?

  • Oil change – fresh oil will surely make your vehicle run more smoothly.
  • Oil filter change
  • Other fluids are checked to ensure safety including clutch-, transmission-, power steering-, brake and coolant fluids.
  • A quick check to see that the vehicle adhere to general safety points.
  • The battery is checked
  • Wiper blades are checked.

After a minor service is performed, your should have peace of mind that your vehicle will take you safely to the next major service.

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