Like with many other auto problems it is hard to estimate the precise time to have your brakes changed. Some vehicle manuals comes with recommendations stating that brakes should be changed every 50 000 kilometers and others don’t mention a thing.

It is a complicated issue that is influenced by many individual scenarios. Your personal driving style, condition of the roads you travel, temperature fluctuation and the location of the brakes (front or rear) has a significant impact on the lifetime of your brakes.

Older drum brakes were not as reliable as today’s modern braking technology. Drum brakes were vulnerable to ecological and seasonal factors which might reduce their ability to come to a halt in time. In the heat of the summer or the cold of winter season, drum brakes might easily stop reacting or fail to offer the needed chafing to stop the vehicle in a prompt manner.

Modern anti-lock brakes do not tend to fail as characteristically as the earlier standard in braking innovation used to. More refined braking systems, in addition to innovative products and design made use of on braking pads and shoes, have actually resulted in much more secure and steadier brakes that are better apt to dropping in any weather condition.

One sure thing is that by the time the brakes start making screeching or squealing noise, changing it is actually long overdue.

In general it is advised that there should be no less than 3 millimetres of the brake pad left before changing the brakes. The longer you wait, the more damage is done by the metal friction.

Here are a couple of indicators it may be time to change a piece or all of your braking system:

  • Concerning Noises– They’re not always the same kind of bad noise, however you can generally hear when your brakes or their elements have begun to use down.
  • Poor Road Traction– If you’ve ever depressed your brakes just to feel your car try, however fail to stop, you understand how frightening bad traction can be.

Call our workshop today to book your brake change – you will love the feeling of coming to a halt without waking the neighbourhood up.

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