Testing for moisture in brake fluid

Brake fluid is one of the most important hydraulic fluids in a vehicle and also the most neglected of all. Brake fluid deteriorates over time which can result in brake failure. Now in terms of safety; that is something you do not want to play with.

Knowing when to change the vehicle’s brake fluid can be a sticky situation. Some brands recommends brake fluid change at certain intervals and others don’t include a recommended brake fluid flush in the brake maintenance at all. Brake fluid can last as long as the vehicle so how do we know when to change the brake fluid?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at Brake fluid


What is Brake fluid?

Brake fluid is made up of mostly

  • Solvent,
  • a reasonable amount of Lubricant
  • and a very small amount of Additives like corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam and anti-oxidant

What is the function of Brake fluid?

Brake fluid plays a crucial role in your braking system as it transfers the force created when a driver presses the brake pedal directly onto the wheel hub.

Why should Brake fluid be changed?

As the brake fluid absorbs moisture it also retains it and this moisture retention can corrode the system, creating an abrasive material much like sandpaper. Once that happens, brakes may fail creating possible life threatening experience for the driver of that vehicle.

How do I know when to have a vehicle’s brake fluid flushed?

It is recommended that all vehicles are checked annually and serviced regularly to maintain longevity of mechanical parts. It is advised to have the moisture levels in the brake fluid checked during these annual services.

Brake fluid may safely contain up to 2% moisture but should be flushed when it reaches the 4% mark.

It’s much cheaper to bleed the system than to rebuild callipers and replace damaged master cylinders and clutch slave drives.

ACD Automotive Services have all the necessary tools to check in an instant if your brake fluid should be replaced.

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