Is getting your friend’s friend, uncle, cousin or aunt’s ex-boyfriend to fix up your car
for “cheap, cheap!” a good idea? Absolutely not. Especially if you have a modern car. Don’t let just anyone tinker
with it.


The fact of the matter is that cars are not as “simple” as they used to be. Back in the
day, anyone with very basic automotive knowledge could replace your gearbox or fiddle with your battery and – voila
– your car would start and run. No problem. But, cars are more complicated these days and getting a cut-price repair service can do a lot more harm than good for your car. Just check out what people say on Hello Peter. Yes, they may
have saved a few pennies at the time, but now they’re having to cough up lots of paper money to get their car back
to a reliable state.

Why do you need a professional automotive service provider?

Here are four reasons why you absolutely need a professional automotive service provider
to service your car:

  1. Get experts working on your car

    Cars consist of mechanics with lots of moving parts and, now, technical
    computerised systems. Professional mechanics get years of training to ensure they can find and fix any issues properly. They usually start with very basic jobs and then are given more complex jobs, shadowing experts. 

    There’s an increased use of electronic components, sensors and computer
    programming in your car. We have diagnostic equipment to aid in the diagnosis of faults and errors. We use on-board diagnostics (OBD) to assess the status of the various vehicle sub-systems. This means we fix any
    problems properly the first time.

  2. Get a proper, comprehensive quote

    “They started doing repairs to my vehicle before giving me a quote and
    getting authorisation” (Hello Peter).
    Yes, this is a common
    problem faced by many people who book a service with less than great service providers.

  3. Don’t get ripped off

    “[T]he car driving was still the same after service” (Hello Peter).
    What’s worse than paying for a service or car parts that you
    don’t actually get? It doesn’t matter how cheap the service is, if your car doesn’t get fixed, you’re
    throwing away money.

    Diagnosing automotive problems is the hardest part of a car repair. You need a
    professional to find out what’s wrong with your car and then use the best parts to fix your car properly.
    There’s no point in changing parts if the root of the problem keeps damaging those parts. With qualified
    professional service providers and high-quality diagnostic equipment, ACD Automotive Services Silverton can
    trace and fix any problem your vehicle may have.

  4. Don’t sacrifice your warranty

    Your warranty may be voided if you do not get genuine parts for your car and
    they cause damage to your car. Rather go to a workshop that has access to the latest diagnostic equipment
    and trained professionals.

Choose a legitimate workshop

Make sure you choose a service provider that is a member of Retail Motor
Industries (RMI) and Motor Industries Workshop Association (MIWA), and is AA Approved. This way, you can
rest assured that they uphold high standards and you have the opportunity for recourse if need be.

ACD Automotive Services knows how much you love your car. We will provide the best
possible care for your car. A professional car service involves a lot more than a quick check and oil change. We
make sure your car is running effectively. Book a service with us, you won’t be sorry.

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